Recruit talent worldwide with qualified referrals.

Struggling to source candidates? With Tribe you get a sourcing workforce in 64+ countries referring qualified candidates. With zero upfront cost!

Unicorns who have hired through Tribe

    • Scale
    • Dandy

Your instant sourcing workforce. Anywhere!

Or imagine if your employee referral program was suddenly airdropped wherever you want!

Our network includes professionals referring people they worked with & recruiters with deep local knowledge.

Hire 10x faster! Really!

Sourcing candidates doesn't have to be such a pain for your team. And you shouldn't compromise growth to be cost effective.

Save time & money

Faster, cheaper, better.

Imagine having hundreds of sourcers on the job and the world as your talent pool!

Recruit with confidence

Make pipeline decisions. Fast!

Get detailed reviews of the candidate skills, understand who referred them and more.

Total flexibility

You are in full control.

Specify countries, skills, name your own bounty and more. Pause hiring, restart it & close a role anytime.

Get started for free

It’s time to cut costs, hire faster and build a competitive advantage

Don't take our word for it.

It's so simple yet powerful

    • We hired a full-time Data Engineer in Argentina in 2 weeks from start to finish. Unreal!

      Malek A.
      Head of Analytics - Scale AI
    • The people I've met through Tribe have been excellent and having them onboard will help us scale with more confidence and discipline.

      Daniel B.
      Associate Director of Ops - Dandy

Simple pricing, for everyone.

No subscriptions. No catches. No risk!

100% of the bounty goes to the referrer

Tribe charges a 50% platform fee on top

Name your referral bounty

  • Pay upon making a successful hire only
  • Unlimited roles
  • Unlimited countries
  • Coverage in 64 countries and growing everyday
  • Skill by skill review of the candidate by the referrer
  • 24/7 support

You can also email us any questions and we'll get back to you same day!

    • How does Tribe work?

      You post a job & define a bounty you're willing to pay to the person who refers you the candidate you hire. Get referrals and only pay if you hire.

    • Do you vet your referrers?

      Absolutely, all referrers on our network are vetted to verify their identity & credentials.

    • I'm not hiring in other countries, can I use Tribe to get candidate referrals in the US?

      Yes! Tribe works everywhere, including the US. We have helped several companies hire in the US.

    • Our company is hiring in certain countries only (e.g. the US, Mexico and Canada). Can I specify where I want to get referrals from?

      Yes. You're in complete control. Choose whichever countries you are open to hiring in.

    • Have you seen companies reduce costs by hiring remote talent across the world?

      Definitely. Opening up your hiring pool beyond your local limitations not only helps you hire faster but also reduces costs dramatically. Feel free to contact us to learn more.

    • Do I use Tribe to get referrals for contractors or full-time employees?

      How you hire talent is a decision you and the candidate make. >90% of our employers use Tribe to find FTEs

    • How do I legally hire and pay employees outside my company's home country?

      That's super easy. Email us at and we are more than happy to recommend services that help you do exactly that including global payroll.

    • Why do referrals work better than posting a job on one of the many job boards?

      Job boards are reactive and applications from them have a very low signal to noise ratio. Our referrers' incentives are aligned because they only earn if they refer a successful candidate so the referral pipeline is highly curated and actionable. No more hours of sifting through tons of applications to find one relevant candidate

    • What roles do companies hire for on Tribe?

      A very wide range. Technical roles like web developers, data analysts, etc are most common but companies have hired project managers, UX designers, community managers and more through Tribe as well.