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Remote is the future but there's a catch

Companies can't find remote talent!

Many tech jobs are remote but companies don't know how to find remote talent. A San Francisco company knows nobody in Bogota!

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Tech professionals like you know the best people they've worked with. Companies are hungry for your recommendations

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"I still can't believe that everything panned out and I'm currently working remotely from Argentina at a Silicon Valley company. Tribe and the person who referred me have been life changing for me!"

Tobias Bembhy
Business Intelligence Engineer, Scale AI

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Do you know someone who'd be a great...

  • Senior Product Designer

    San Francisco HR-tech startup. Funding: $14 Million

    Referral reward: $8,000
  • Software Engineer, Android

    New York fintech startup. Funding: $38 Million

    Referral reward: $2,500
  • Operations Program Manager

    San Francisco AI startup. Funding: $600 Million

    Mexico, Argentina
    Referral reward: $3,000

The Nitty Gritty

How does it work exactly?
Let's use an example. Company X that is based in New York, United States wants to hire a React Engineer. They're open to this person being remote anywhere in the world and they are offering a $3,000 reward to anyone who refers them a candidate they end up hiring. You are -for example- a Product Manager at a software startup in Lagos, Nigeria and you worked with a great React Engineer in the past and you know she's looking for a new role. Using Tribe you'll refer her to this role. If she passes the interviews and starts on the new role with Company X you'll be paid the $3,000. It's that simple
How are you able to pay such large rewards?
It's simple! Hiring companies pay the rewards to find talent and hire faster and better. Finding strong talent is hard. Hiring companies have traditionally paid recruiters significant amounts to source potential hires. It's time we opened that to everyone especially in the world of global remote work
What if I refer a hundred candidates and they all get hired?
The sky is the limit! We'll pay the rewards on unlimited candidates for each referrer. We believe in the power of local networks and that the best way to find talented people is through referrals
I'm interested in the role for myself. Can I refer myself?
Unfortunately not. However, if you see a role on Tribe that you think you'd be the best fit for and you're signed up as a referrer you can ask someone you know to become a referrer and refer you to it. Otherwise, just email us and we will help
Do my referrals make it to the hiring manager?
Yes! And not only that we prioritize your referrals so the candidates you refer are not stuck in the same pipeline as the thousands of online applicants
How and when do I get paid the referral reward?
You'll need a Paypal account to be paid into. You'll be paid within 30 days of candidate's start date